Course Outline

  • Radiation dose units
  • Natural and man-made sources of radiation
  • How risk varies with the stage of pregnancy
  • Dose of radiation required to produce adverse effects
  • Risk from various types of medical radiation exposure
  • Risk from flying
  • Sources of reliable information
  • Declaring pregnancy

Note: The contents of the video are the same as Radiation & Pregnancy for Patients except that the last portion of the video discusses the radiation worker's decision to declare her pregnancy. 

Course Curriculum

  Radiation & Pregnancy - For Healthcare Personnel
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Course Instructor: Dr. P. Andrew Karam

Since 1981 I have worked primarily in areas related to radiation safety; as a radiation safety professional, a scientist and professor, a consultant, or an instructor. I am also a writer, with over 200 encyclopedia articles and several books in print, and an 8-book series (Controversies in Science, Facts on File) in the works - not to mention my scientific and technical writing (6 book chapters, a number of refereed papers, over 100 scientific presentations, several hundred encyclopedia articles, fact sheets, and over 100 technical articles and editorials in scientific and technical journals and newsletters).


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